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On making impact

There is a life we are destined to live, a purpose we are meant to create and actualize. Each one of us is tasked with that noble duty, for ourselves and for the human race. We are put here not just to pass through like a bird leaves no path as it flies. No. We are, just as those who have come before us, obligated to make an impact.

Where, however we get it wrong is in the gravity of the impact. Are we all destined to do great things? Well, it depends on what you mean by great.

If there’s is one things that we should know about life, it is that for most of it, for most of our lives, we experience a subjective reality and we get to define what good or bad is. We get to determine what big and small is. There is no general rule that says we all have to see it the same way.

Human beings created morality as a common metric to maintain a kind of order in an otherwise chaotic and subjective world. Yet, looking beyond the concept that has helped us establish habitable order in form of societies, states and nations, we must not get lost or become too absorbed in it as to forget the subjectivity of our experiences and rightly distinguish between moral guidelines (which are man-made) and objective laws (which are eternal and universal). The latter is the more important of the two because they are the same laws on which the world is established. They are independent of our human feelings and opinions. They are set rule that see to the universal order and essential chaos that balances the universe.

Even when we are faced with humanly unpleasant realities, which we subjectively tag “bad”, we miss the point that for such a bad to exist, it means the universe is running as it should. Otherwise checks and balances will be broken and the eternal laws will not be infallible. That would be a contradiction.

Our subjective reality exists to grant us a relief and an individual order to see us through daily life. Yet we should not lose sight of the objective world that supersedes our own world because it is the one that caters for the welfare of the universe on a larger scale and on a long-term basis.

And on making impact? Let your subjective reality be guided by the objective laws of the universe and the intensity of your impact will be measured by the same universal metric, so that the subjective individual metric, even if used, will not matter as much.

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