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Happy and Sad Tides

January 6 – Afternoon (Loss)

The post new year/Christmas atmosphere is still charged with excitements and greetings of “happy new year” to friends and colleagues you’ve not seen since the new calendar year started.

You know deep within you that it means nothing and nothing is new. After over two and half decades of doing it over and over again, you’d be a fool to not know that it’s all nonsense.

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The Envelope

I SAW THE ENVELOPE FIRST. My name was finely written on the paper. The writer must have taken their time and have a good knowledge of calligraphy, I thought, scared to think of anything else. Seeing my full name sparked something in me. I have not been called by my middle name since my mother passed.

She would say it was the best name in the world. That it was a name that meant so much to her in one of the most depressing times in her life. And she had lots of those.

I loved the name. It made me feel particularly connected to her. I remember watching her face light up as she laid on the hospital bed one evening, her weary eyes making an effort to glow. I took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. She sighed with content.

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A Case Of A Bad Break

Immediately he said those words, he realised things would never be the same with them, ever again. The look in her eyes said it all. Her wide eyes and dropped jaws gave a pretty accurate image of what he imagined went on in her head.

“You don’t mean that,” she said.

“I couldn’t be more serious,” he told her. The cat was out of the bag now, no point hiding from the fact. Continue reading “A Case Of A Bad Break”

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Going home

“Look.” She said.

I looked and I was glad I did.

She was wearing this ridiculous hat that made her look like a cartoon character. Yet she was the most adorable thing I’d ever seen. The way her smile came out natural, untouched by the heaviness behind her soft eyes, untainted by the crumbling world around us.

“What do you think?”

I just stared. It was hard to put my thoughts into words. What did I think? I thought she was a perfect creation of God, too perfect that she had to be given the weight of the world to try to even it out. I couldn’t begin to understand where her strength came from or the love in her heart. All I knew was…

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A phone rang somewhere close, but Mike turned away and placed a pillow over his head. The muffled sound didn’t make him feel any better, but he was in no mood to get up. He had a pretty good idea who could be calling, anyway. If it wasn’t his mother, it couldn’t be anyone else but Mary.

That girl was persistent, he had to give her that. And, any other day, he would pick up the phone in an instant, just not today. Continue reading “Oblivion”

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It Takes One Bad Apple…

Feelings were like a burden and I had to let them go. It was like a lead weight tied around my neck while I was drowning in an ocean of responsibilities and expectations.

Fine, maybe it has its place in one’s life, maybe, but I don’t think I care very much about that, not the way I’m expected to. And that’s where the problem is at. It’s most likely the root cause of every other thing that’s gone wrong in my life.

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