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Teach Yourself

Do what you said you were going to do.

That way, you are teaching yourself that you can trust yourself because you can count on yourself to keep your word.

That’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. You’re always teaching others what you deserve from them by the things you do and by what standard you hold yourself to. If you can’t count on yourself to be there for yourself and to show up, why should others take you any serious?

In the same vein…

 Learn to reward yourself for good things you do, for your accomplishments and for keeping your word.

You’re your number fan. Just as you can be your greatest enemy.

You choose.

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It’s the thought that counts…or not

Sometimes, this has stopped us from doing our very best because we believe even if we are not able to finish what we’ve started, or accomplish what we set out to, it’s the thought that counts and it should be appreciated.

But if the thought counts, the action counts ten times more. And if you can get ten times the appreciation for something, why not get it?

The thought only counts when you cannot otherwise make the action count more.

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Thanks for elevating the best stuff…

…is something Medium says when you highlight a part of a Medium post and someone who follows you finds it interesting enough to also highlight it.

It’s the same with life even though most times no one thanks us. People are watching you and they are mostly not even aware of it. But they are watching. And the things you do, the things you share, the things you condemn, they see it and it affects them. It helps shape their thinking and impacts their life more than you know and more than they realise.

So today, ask yourself, “What am I elevating?”