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The Oppressed

 Man, you are free to choose.
 But first I shall take away your freedom
 Then your power to discern will be beaten down
 Till only one thing is on your mind:
 Not to be free to choose,
 But to live long enough
To have those choices again.

 You shall embark on a primitive journey
 Where oppression is what you know
 And how embracing it has kept you here-
 This long,

 Then I shall ask of you what matters most:
 Living in the shackles of ignorance or
 Stepping out into the wild.

 It is a scary thing, this freedom.
 It is responsibility to think, live and
 make life what you would have it be,
 on your own terms.

 It is refusing the status quo that has
 kept everything in check and
 left the scales on our eyes.

 It is choosing to go because
 you know priorities matter
 "Don't make me fat in ignorance," you say-
 Because responsibility is hard
 but ignorant choice is bad.
 Only after looking beyond, taking
 control and accepting the burden
 of your choice
 do you realise that you can have both, but only one way,
 You have a choice, just one.
 The other no matter how appealing is death.

Prompt: The oppressed

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Let’s Pretend…

Let's pretend we are kids.
Close your eyes and dream–
Dream of a world pretty and free
Of filth and tainted dreams,
Of a time when living was simple
When worry was not a word we knew
How to express in ourselves.

Look up to the sky and wish
That you were up there with the million stars
Twinkling and awing, as men below gaze heads raised
Imagine silence, beautiful serene quietness
An orchestra unheard, only experienced deep within
Galaxies swirling and in a spot,
Becoming and falling apart
Black holes with promises of unravelling
Cosmic and spacetime mysteries.
All humbly existing in harmonical continuum.

Let's pretend we exist outside our bodies,
Hosted in extraterrestrial habitats
Where the cruelty of humanity cannot reach
Nor the vanity of sentience.
Let's behold nature,
Untouched by destruction only man can bring.
And maybe while we wish and dream
We can remain there in the heavens
As the gods the once were
Before falling like the stars.

Prompt: Shooting star