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Self-organisation and the individual

I’ll share a few things about self-organisation, focal points and internal coherence, and how one can benefit from them.

Self-organisation is a process where global order arises from the interaction between local parts of a system. But these interactions are not influenced by an external force or body; rather the local parts intuitively know what the next move should be.

As several local parts exhibit this order, it begins to take form on a global scale within that system.

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Having a voice worth hearing

​Basic exercise:

Close your eyes.
There are two people in the room with you, one on each side of you. One has a story to tell you but is quiet. The other also has a story to tell but cannot speak. Can you tell with your eyes closed (or even opened) who has a story to tell? Or who has a voice to tell it?

Chances are, no, you can’t.

In this context, A person who doesn’t speak is no different from a person who can’t speak.

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Time, purpose and the meaning of everything

Time is a well-known universal treasure owned by all. Also, almost everyone now knows the preciousness of time, at least in theory. And anyone could preach a compelling sermon or deliver a motivational lecture about how time is life, and how it is important for everyone to take it seriously if they intend to achieve anything worthwhile in life. Continue reading “Time, purpose and the meaning of everything”

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Teach Yourself

Do what you said you were going to do.

That way, you are teaching yourself that you can trust yourself because you can count on yourself to keep your word.

That’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. You’re always teaching others what you deserve from them by the things you do and by what standard you hold yourself to. If you can’t count on yourself to be there for yourself and to show up, why should others take you any serious?

In the same vein…

 Learn to reward yourself for good things you do, for your accomplishments and for keeping your word.

You’re your number fan. Just as you can be your greatest enemy.

You choose.