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Why you should make plans

One major thing we tend to believe is that we have everything under control because we’ve made plans. And we think, “Now my life is under control.”

Because when we make plans, we often feel like we’ve got it all figured out and everything will work out just fine. And that simply executing them will make our lives better.

But really, does making plans guarantee us having a hitch-free ride? Are there no cosmic hindrances that could spring up at random amidst our well-composed and executable strategies, to put a halt to it or derail us?

If those exist, then maybe we don’t have as much control as we think we do. But should that make us resort to not planning and just winging it through life? I think not.

Plans give structure. Maybe with structure comes an illusion of control, but that’s not the main reason for their existence. They are meant to help us navigate through life despite the colossal fuck yous the universe has in store for us.

Plans serve as guardrails to stop us from totally going off track. That’s different from being in control. A lot of things will happen to propel us towards a desired destination or throw us off balance.

The point of planning is to ensure we don’t lose sight of where we are going. To find our balance and reorient ourselves when the storms subside.

And that’s why you and I should make plans. A proper understanding of the purpose of plans will better inform the planning process, our expectations and how to react when the plan fails.

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4 vital factors to consider when making decisions

The decisions we make determine the kind of person we are. When it comes to decision making, there is no decision too small to affect your life. From what you choose to eat for dinner or what you choose to do in your free time to your career choice and life partner. None of these decisions should be overlooked or handled with levity.

Decision making, like any other art, can be perfected, so that it comes to us easily. This is necessary if we wish to live a life on track and ordered in the domain of the purpose and goals we have set for ourselves.

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Having a voice worth hearing

​Basic exercise:

Close your eyes.
There are two people in the room with you, one on each side of you. One has a story to tell you but is quiet. The other also has a story to tell but cannot speak. Can you tell with your eyes closed (or even opened) who has a story to tell? Or who has a voice to tell it?

Chances are, no, you can’t.

In this context, A person who doesn’t speak is no different from a person who can’t speak.

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Time, purpose and the meaning of everything

Time is a well-known universal treasure owned by all. Also, almost everyone now knows the preciousness of time, at least in theory. And anyone could preach a compelling sermon or deliver a motivational lecture about how time is life, and how it is important for everyone to take it seriously if they intend to achieve anything worthwhile in life. Continue reading “Time, purpose and the meaning of everything”

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Life has a way of surprising us when we least expect it. That’s why they are surprises; we are not thinking about it, we are not expecting it right now. It just seems to happen out of the blue. Sometimes, they are pleasant, other times, they meet us at the worst possible time.

You see the pleasant ones? They’re the little joys that sprinkle everyone’s life and reminds them they are not mere cogs in the wheel of time; that they matter, that something, or someone, out there is watching out for them. That they are not destined to be doomed, no matter how tough and unpleasant the majority of their life is. Continue reading “Hope”