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At the edges

The moment the word came out of my mouth, I realised what a big mistake I had made. She turned dramatically, like in slow motion, her brows furrowed. Slit-eyed and arms akimbo, she looked like she’d apprenticed with the Witch in Snow White.

“What do you mean? No, no, no. I mean, can you explain what you just said?”

Her voice was barely above a whisper but the coldness in it sent a shiver down my spine.

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The Drawing

The rain came early this year, but that was not the problem. The problem was that I had forgotten about the leaking garage roof. And that wouldn’t have been a problem if we had not moved some boxes out of the house to the garage pending the time we would “sort the wheat from the chaff” as Funmi delicately put it.

Call me a hoarder but I like to keep memories in boxes.

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Dreams and Sticky Notes

He had gone to bed fagged out hoping he wouldn’t have to get up any time before 9 the next morning – and under normal circumstances, since it was a Saturday, he really should have been able to sleep in.

But he was too tired that he forgot to turn off his alarm set for 7 am which he had set so as to complete a pending project.

When the high pitched ringing went off, he was pulled out of a very pleasant dream. It took him a minute to remember where he was and finding himself alone in bed made him a bit sad.

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Shadow on the Wall

The minute the countdown hit zero, his eyes flew open. There were beads of sweat on his forehead as he sat up and took deep breaths.

Grace watched silently, her pen dangling between her index and middle fingers. She had expected some reaction but she didn’t think it would be this intense.

After what seemed like an eternity, he turned to face her. When he spoke, his voice shook slightly and the fear in his eyes was clearer than day.

“I saw him again. I’m not even asleep and I saw him clearly.”

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