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What is sadness?

There was a story I once heard that made me cry. For the life of me, I can’t remember what the story was but I remember the raw emotions I felt listening to it. I remember connecting with the source that created the well from which the entire sadness in the whole world was being taken. It was like, for a moment, I swam in sadness itself.

And sadness, let me tell you, is not just the feeling. It is a place. It is a being.

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Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up Too Quickly

It is often considered immature and overly childish if a child of certain age still wants mommy around all the time or wants to hold her hand. More so if you’re a male child, you just have to grow up faster than your age. You are not expected to still be crying for sweets at the age of four or still be crying because your baby sister wants to play with your favourite toy. Damnit you’re a big boy, just grow up already!

Emotional needs of children are mostly ignored these days because, I don’t know, times are changing and there is no place in the world for weak needy men? You’ve got to learn to be independent, little man!

And so from a tender age of four or five we require kids to ‘grow up’ and stop acting like sissies.

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Scars To Your Beautiful

It was a totally new and different situation I found myself when I said it again. The first time, I had been in a tight spot I’d put myself in and I had said it as the last resort to get out. But this time was different, and this time I meant it. I was in bed next to Monica. I looked at her. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling.

That smile was what attracted me to her in the first place. Her dimpled round face was accentuated by that radiant smile no one else in the world could wear so beautifully. It was heavenly. Purely divine. And to not want to explore beyond that surface smile to see into what beauty lies beneath it was, to me, the greatest sin I could ever commit.
I looked closely at her now. The smile was radiant all right. But now, I could see something else in it. It was a flutter of uncertainty that creeped out when she was lost in thought. Continue reading “Scars To Your Beautiful”

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A Christmas Miracle

Do you believe in miracles or fairytales? Well…

Once in a while I write a short story to lighten the mood or pass a message and this is one of those times. I hope you enjoy it 😉. Oh, and Happy Holidays to you all.

A Christmas Miracle 

Maybe it was the way she called his name as she tapped on his shoulder that made him pay close attention to her, or maybe it was the fact that she was just simple – her dressing, makeup, and hairdo – all very simple. Which was weird considering he was at a Christmas eve party where everyone was overdressed with a touch of red.
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