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And in the end, a choice has to be made, actively or passively. You have to decide what life means to you. An existence of playing it safe or an opportunity to BE.

To BE is beyond being present in the body. It is a conscious experience of the soul. To live in time, space and eternity (a place unbound by time and space). To see beyond the daily events that we are so mundanely attached to and touch base with the very essence of the universe. A core that not very many humans have ever actively explored. A reality that puts all other realities in perspective.

It is a decision, an active choice that sets one on such a journey. A realisation and acceptance of the brevity of time and the smallness of the individual life. It is a push to know something about this world. Not because it in any way makes you superior but because you’re ready to take responsibility.

Because that is what enlightenment does:

It brings you to the brink of chaos and order where you know that the underlying power that forms the order you see on the one side is within you, and it is your responsibility to venture into that chaos on the other side, and put to use that power.

Only then can you form a pact with the soul of the universe because what it is made of is what your soul is made of. And no matter how intimidating it is, you realise you can, despite the mortal danger you face, bring an order that you might not be able to enjoy yourself.

And you’re okay with that.

Because the alternative is to live in a world where the best of you is the least of what you can be.

It’s an active choice you have to make.

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