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Your name has never been easy for people to get considering your origin. You’ve tried to understand why your parents chose it over every other name they could have picked. But it doesn’t matter to you because you know what it means to you.

Your life has been a series of storms, each competing to win the trophy for the most cataclysmic.

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The Song of the Past

Many a time, it is the sound of our past that we keep dancing to, way past the present and deep into the future. We keep an old melody alive, singing its praise and applauding its orchestral eloquence. It was, once, but that is not enough. We embody it as the future, we worship it.

Forgetting that the drums ringing from our past are in the past for a reason. Yes, to direct our path. To illumine, if you will, the hearer, but not to become the object of the future. Continue reading “The Song of the Past”

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Give A Little Fuck

You’ve heard it a million times, but it doesn’t kick in until you experience it.

I mean, you could recite it if it were a poem. You could preach it like it’s the gospel–that you have to love what you do to get optimum satisfaction and outcome.

But then, after preaching, you go back to doing your shitty job everyday and hating every moment of it, wishing for a big break when you could do what you actually love and do it passionately, on your own terms. Continue reading “Give A Little Fuck”