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On controlling the future

We often let the thought of the unknown overwhelm us. Because the future is not set, the possibilities are endless. And because the wonderings of our minds are unbounded, we easily lose grip of it and it becomes too difficult to rein it in. So we let our minds wander.

Endless possibilities exist in the next minute. What are we to say of the next year?

And our life, too, is stratified, so that we think one thing for the financial arm and another for the emotional aspect. Or we grant priority at a certain point in our existence to the academic phase in hopes that the marital one might be well equipped and know more peace.

And for most of us, the endgame is a mutual wealth for the various strata, interconnected in goal, purpose and strategy of achievement.

And so, the endless possibilities for each layer in relation to another, create an intricate system that is nothing short of an enigma.

But what can be done? How can we, limited by time and space in the present realm, effectively predict what the future should be like – given all the millions of moving parts beyond our control that the machine called the future houses? How can a life so simple and direct be derived from a wealth of alternate possible outcomes?

Perhaps it is in cutting down the variables. It is in removing moving parts, because they were put in place, not permanently, but to fill a hole. But that a gap or space exists doesn’t mean it must be filled.

Truly, less is more.

The less variables we have to control, the more control of the system we have. And when, as is wont of Nature, the system lashes widely out of our control, it becomes easy to rein it in. Because we have cut down our wants. And our needs are but a few.

The future then, while still largely unpredictable, does not to a great extent baffle or overwhelm us.

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