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Shoot for the moon

“Let’s shoot for the moon…”

We can. All our lives, we have trained for that goal. And as we humbly stand at this point in time, all our dreams and visions bared before the world, our insecurities and fears, holding us down no more, we take a look at the sky. Our feeble abilities dwarfed by awaiting glory, and we steady our gaze.

Shall we fail? Perhaps. But…

“…if we only make it halfway there, so fucking be it…”

We would have gone farther than we’d ever ventured, thus discovering new abilities and fruitful lands unploughed. Somewhere filled with heavenly bodies that only lofty dreamers and daring shooters can reach.

Because nothing is worse and no life is as unprofitable as not aiming for the zenith.

Aim and fall short; it is still…

“…better than dying five miles from where we were born.”

Prompt: Aspire

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