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On working with the unknown

In a world such as this, with thousands of years of contemplation and refining of the knowledge we’ve acquired as a race of sentient and intellectual beings, we have somehow become overcome by our ability to think and plan ahead, that fantasies have, as a consequence, been brought in to overshadow reality.

Even while the ability of the human mind to create myths, which has been useful in ordering and maintaining order in the societies over time, remain an important and useful one, we cannot forget that that ability is merely a tool, to be used to maintain habitable order in our present common reality.

We must not forget its place is limited.

Of course, beyond order, we create a future – a concept powerful enough to affect the present even though it is nothing beyond the imaginations of the mind; not yet concrete.

Yet many a time, with the thought of the future, we over-reach by assuming that the future, which is a mere working of our mind, is itself already a reality. No matter how powerful a tool the future can be in directing the present, it remains a concept that, while realisable given the appropriate conditions, is yet presently nonexistent.

And as such, we must be careful on how much we rely on this kind of concept.

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