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The Dawn

Beautiful awakening and quiet reprieve. Of seasons and times unknown save for the lightening of the morning sky. History has taught you to watch in silence because in watching, you see.

And a sight such as this is the beginning of smooth sails through an obstacle-ridden day.

You’ve been here a thousand times already. The energy around has sometimes been so electric that you wished the moment would never pass. It is the late-night venture into wonderland and the early morning talks of forever.

It is the stopping of time to wander and wonder, hoping it would forever hold promises of what you could have. And maybe you may never have it, but if you stayed here forever, you would never know.

Other times, it signals the end of nightmares.

Memories of hell and conversations with the devil. A lack of connection with reality and everything in it, being held down in some dark pit for what seems like an eternity. You could only be free when the dawn came.

Now you have learnt to be wary, letting go and holding tight. Dreaming and staying up to see the times change. It is not the dawn but the night, that determines how much the dawn means.

So while you wish every night could be a trip to paradise, you know that nights don’t exist in paradise, and dawns need not be.

Neither could you ask for hell even though you know the dawn would be a sweet relief.

So you settle for peace.

Quietly resting in nothing. Uneventful sinking into unconsciousness for a while until the dawn comes. You may not attribute so much to it then, but it would be a sign of life. And that is enough.

Prompt: The dawn

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