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Let’s Pretend…

Let's pretend we are kids.
Close your eyes and dream–
Dream of a world pretty and free
Of filth and tainted dreams,
Of a time when living was simple
When worry was not a word we knew
How to express in ourselves.

Look up to the sky and wish
That you were up there with the million stars
Twinkling and awing, as men below gaze heads raised
Imagine silence, beautiful serene quietness
An orchestra unheard, only experienced deep within
Galaxies swirling and in a spot,
Becoming and falling apart
Black holes with promises of unravelling
Cosmic and spacetime mysteries.
All humbly existing in harmonical continuum.

Let's pretend we exist outside our bodies,
Hosted in extraterrestrial habitats
Where the cruelty of humanity cannot reach
Nor the vanity of sentience.
Let's behold nature,
Untouched by destruction only man can bring.
And maybe while we wish and dream
We can remain there in the heavens
As the gods the once were
Before falling like the stars.

Prompt: Shooting star

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