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Growing one bit…

One more and we might win
A day, a voice, a soul. Just one more.
And one is the easiest we can aim for.
Amidst the thousands roaming and
drowning with no purpose,
if only we could get one more.
It would make little difference to
the pool of endless souls
but to usan all-round change.

One makes everything a bit better
And a bit is all we need to keep going.
It matters little how many we already
have in our ranks,
if victory isn't ours we keep searching.
We heard about the saviour,
who for just one left ninety nine others.
And fire fighters who would run
back into a burning building to save one.
And of course the military who will
leave no man behind enemy line.
Many clamour for more. We want just one.
One more than we were yesterday
Gathered against the darkness that
threatens to overthrow us.
One more to give us hope
that the evil outside has one less.
One more to bring one more to us.
Maybe some day, we'll be enough.
And we'll sing songs of victory
Praising the power a single
soul brought to our side.
But today we'll work to add
more ones to make that single soul
matter tomorrow.

Prompt: Augmented

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