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For You

It’s that season that we have hoped for for so long. A season with long cold nights, and the sound of rainfall on the window. When mornings would gladly be pushed back as far as possible while we cuddle under the sheets.

We thought it would fix everything wrong. We hoped and prayed it would.

We stay up all night tonight looking out the window at the cloudy night sky, memories of a lifetime ago gnawing at the back our minds.

I remember many nights ago like this when the room was eerily quiet because we’ve just had our worst fight. We couldn’t imagine what we’d become.

The sound of our hearts breaking was heavily punctuated by the rolling thunder. The flash of lightning showed your face, white as a sheet staring at me like I was straight out of a horror movie.

Our lives changed that night. We saw the monsters in ourselves and we couldn’t go back to being innocent happy-go-lucky people. We had ventured to the dark side for a brief moment and saw that we were the monsters lurking in the shadows of our days.

And staying up tonight, looking at you drift in and out of consciousness, I can’t help but imagine what our lives could have been like if we had let our worlds drift apart instead of colliding into this beautiful thunderstorm.

“I’ll never let you go”, was the promise I made the night you cried in my arms while All-4-One’s I Swear played on the radio. I intend to keep it even if it takes the whole world burning to ashes around us. I’ll stay afloat as long as I can through cold wet nights and an eternity of sad tales. For you.

Prompt: Thunder

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