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All The Little Lights

I can be deceitful, insensitive to others’ feelings, rude and short-tempered. I can be dogmatically unreasonable. But I choose not to be.

However, I know that everyone is not like me. I realize that I’ll meet deceitful, unethical, short-tempered and unreasonable people everyday I go out or come online.

I know for a fact that, no matter how prepared I am to encounter this people, I sometimes will fall victim to their deceit. That, regardless of my decision to be as good as I can be, I shouldn’t expect everyone to be the same way.

But more importantly, I accept that this does not make the people I meet ‘devil incarnates’ or stupid or less than me. Rather, it makes them humans. It shows that they are imperfect–It shows that WE are imperfect.

And it teaches me that I should not lose my ethics because of my experiences with people who do not hold the same belief or hold dear the same principles as I. That even on the internet, etiquette shouldn’t become estranged from me.

Because in the end, we all have thousands of little lights burning within us, that when one goes off within someone else, it doesn’t mean they are all darkness, and it only emphasizes the need for my light to be shared while I light my quenched light from someone else as well.

It teaches me that, together we can be better once we accept our differences with mutual respect.


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