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The soul of the world

There’s a certain kind of calm that embraces you in nature.

Perhaps it is the acknowledgement of your smallness in the vast universe while staring at the night sky, knowing that being a part of something so beautiful makes you beautiful.

It could be the sweet-smelling flowers of a small garden or the liveliness of a rainforest, all blending into a symphonic eargasm. The colours bright and captivating; a rapturous wonder.

But could all compare to the stillness of drifting freely on the open sea, rocked gently by the calm waves as you stare ahead at the horizon where the sky meets the sea?

There, my dear friend, is the home of order and chaos. The point where raging madness meets the sound of silence. There, out on the open waters, is where the soul of the world resides.

Prompt: Adrift

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